Smart City Poznan: An Innovation Hub In The Greater Poland Region

The city of Poznan is a rich and vibrant city in the west of Poland. Located on the banks of the river Warta, the city is home to over 530,000 residents and serves as the administrative capital of the Greater Poland Voivodeship. Over the years, the city has served as an important trading hub, an academic center, and a seat of power. For the 21st century, Poznan is going through another important evolution, transforming into a dynamic, future-focused smart city. Led by a dedicated interdisciplin

The role of artificial intelligence in the fight against Covid-19

In early January of 2020, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued its first warnings about the potential spread of a flu-like pandemic. Days later, the World Health Organization notified the public of the dangers of the novel coronavirus Covid-19, and warned about the possibility of a dangerous outbreak. Despite the far-reaching resources of both the CDC and the WHO, a Canadian health start-up called BlueDot had already broken news of the threat to its users. It was able to do

Tech For Good | March 2021 | Healthcare - Smart cities: the lifesaving urban aid kit

Inovytec’s plan is to streamline the Chain of Survival, a medical principle that lists a series of actions that can reduce mortality in emergency situations. It is a concept that’s mainly associated with cardiac arrest, but with a device like SALI, it’s possible to use the same principles to prevent a wider range of medical problems. The traditional Chain of Survival concept has different interpretations, but it starts with setting up an atmosphere to recognise an emergency, followed by calling

How consumer tech is making Stockholm run more smoothly

The world is currently experiencing a population boom of epic proportions, with cities bearing the brunt of overpopulation, and metropolitan areas undertaking the largest upsurge of urban growth ever experienced in human history. Current statistics show that 50 per cent of the world’s population live in cities. The most conservative estimates expect that percentage to rise to by as much as 70 per cent by the year 2050. As overpopulation drives more people into urban areas, almost all of the dif

Rethinking Urban Mobility for the Post-Covid City

“There’s a positive aspect of this horror,” the deputy mayor of Paris, Jean-Louis Missika, told the Washington Post. “Never has the city been less polluted. Parisians have much appreciated it, and I think there will be strong changes in the behaviour of people, in terms of movement.” This is a sentiment shared by many leaders across the globe. Despite the hardships caused by the spread of Covid-19, the current situation presents a unique opportunity. Now is an ideal time to revolutionize the wa